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Friday, February 21, 2014

The best of 2013

With the winter still raging outside I thought I would start posting pictures from the summer and fall season. I will be skipping around a little so pay attention. This is the Sunny Acres car show from last fall. This is my first time to this show and it was a really good one. There was so much different stuff there that I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 Muscle Car Nationals

The 2013 edition of The Muscle Car Nationals was held last weekend at the Rosemont Convention Center. This years show was one of the best they have had in my opinion. Some of the rarest of the rare show up here. Most impressive to me was The Class of 63 Reunion of the original 421 Super Duty Pontiacs. I believe 9 of 14 where at the show most restored back to 1963 race condition. One car that caught my eye was a 62 Pontiac Catalina which featured a one off set of aluminum heads and a cross ram manifold that was produced by Pontiac Engineering. This is the only one known to exist.There was lots more to see. Over in the barn find section, someone unearthed the Mister X Barracuda which was sponsored by R&R Engineering and VFN Fiberglass. The car was driven by Ted May. This is a somewhat famous midwest car that ran in a variety of classes in the late 70's early 80's. I hope it gets restored back to racing condition and maybe run again at some of the nostalgia events.  My pal Roger had his just finished 1970 Olds Indy 500 Pace Car there. Also a Nickey Chevrolet Altered wheel base "funny car" clone just finished by the gang at D&M Corvette made it's debut.This show is almost becoming like a concour event and the bar has to raised each year to make it a great show. Based on this year, Next year will really be something to see.

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Legendary Dukes Drive In

July took us to the legendary Dukes Drive In. Back in the 70's-80's Dukes was the place to be on a Friday or Saturday night. The place became well known for being the center of Chicago's street racing scene which at that time was a very serious deal. The cars and people that ran here became famous around the country. It was also a place where all the cool street rods and street machines where at. Many where magazine feature cars at one time or another. I started going here with my parents back in the early 80's on Saturday nights. Then when I built a car I went there with my buddies. It was a cool and mysterious place. From standing in the parking lot you couldn't tell what was really happening here. Later on when we where let in on the secret. Things got very interesting. Dukes, And another place called Zigs and a White Castle around 71st street became meeting places for street racers late on Friday and Saturday nights. I never got involved with racing down here as I knew my limits. This wasn't the place to experiment. Anyway's In the 90's things kinda dried up The Drive In's where gone except for Dukes. The crime in the area had led to an anti cruising law that was strictly enforced and people just stopped going. In recent years Dukes has been revitalized and has really become quite happening. They have "Race Car Night" which drags out alot of the old crowd. Check out the pictures and try to make it down there some time. You'll be glad you did.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Miller Meet 2013

Last weekend at The Milwaukee Mile Speedway was the Miller Meet for vintage Indy Cars and open wheel circle track cars. I really enjoy this show. Race cars where a very different animal back in the day. Race cars where dangerous, looked and sounded cool. (hand painted lettering and chrome as compared to vinyl wrap and throwaway body panels. no mufflers no restrictor plates and innovation is what was the key to being succesful in racing not a hot body to show off on go commercials and a marketing agent from Hollywood. When you walk around and look at the cars you realize these cars have soul. The orange car with Crager on the side is a typical sprint car from the late 20's. The owner told me that this car has the distinction of killing three of it's drivers. cursed? probably not that was the accepted way of life for a racer at that time. Many of these cars have a similar story. They are all here after 50-80 years after they turned their last lap. You can't repeat this era of American racing and maybe you don't want too. but it is refreshing to see that people still care about the cars and the racing and not so much about selling seats, t-shirts and 8 dollar hot dogs to a family of six.hope you enjoy looking at how racing once was.

The 4th Annual Edgewood Ave. Festival of Independence Car Show

On the 3rd of July we had our show. The weather was very questionable with thunderstorms looming just a few miles east of us. We stayed dry and had our best turnout ever! Thanks to everyone who showed up and can't wait to do it again next year.  We'll have more pictures later.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Father's Day Car Show 2013

In the past few years I have aquired an interest in what many call "classic cars" this being Duesenberg, Cord , Cadillac, Oldsmobile , Pontiac. Buick, and Ford all from the Depression era until just before WW-2. Most of these cars today are considered "high end" and to see them restored is really special. At least to me. One of my favorite shows of the year is The Father's Day Car Show at the Oak Brook Shopping Center. This show offers the cars I mentioned before plus vintage sports cars, rare muscle cars and a splash of exotics thrown in. You normally don't get to see duesenbergs, and cords and some of the others out in the public because of their value. As you look at these cars anyone with a brain can see that quality was a huge factor in how a car was built. Something that is sorley missing in today's auto industry. Fit and

finish and the extras that these cars feature is really incredible. Take a look at the pictures. These cars aren't everyones cup of tea but you gotta like the styles and just the sheer cool factor these cars have.